Global Maker Challenge
Cohort 2 Winners

Innovation for Peace and Justice

Winner: Simbi Foundation

Sustainable and Healthy Foodfor All

Winner: Coldhubs

Innovation for Inclusive Trade

Winner: Poket

Global Maker Challenge
Cohort 2 Runners Up

Most Disruptive Innovators

As part of the assessment process, four start-ups were identified as having the ‘Most Disruptive Solutions’ with the potential to generate significant social and economic change in the face of some of the world’s most pressing challenges.
These start-ups have been put forward for the Global Prosperity Award mentorship programme and will receive guidance and support from global organisations to help them overcome their non-financial challenges, and put them on a path to scalability and greater social impact.


Sustainable kelp-based textile fibres for the fashion industry that are biodegradable, comfortable and cost-competitive.


Providing user-managed, privacy protecting digital ID to displaced people, enabling access to a variety of critical services.


A food-safe sticker that can extend the shelf life of fresh fruit by up to two weeks.

Agricycle Global

Zero-electricity technologies to prevent postharvest food waste and connect rural farmers to international markets.

COHORT 2 Challenges

#GlobalMakerChallenge Update

In light of the current situation, we believe that the safest and most sensible option to move forward with the upcoming #GlobalMakerChallenge is to leverage technology by holding a series of #digital sessions and live pitches. We look forward to meeting you all virtually!

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