10Power: Renewable Energy Access in Haiti

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10Power is creating a regenerative path for international development. We work with local partners to build renewable energy economies in markets lacking electricity applying a gender empowerment lens. 10Power provides project development and finance for commercial-scale solar installations providing energy access – the key to improving quality of life around the globe, providing solutions from drinkable water to high-speed internet. Our vision is 100% renewables for 100% of humanity.

Our first market is Haiti, a country suffering from the impacts of climate change and current political and economic upheaval due to reliance on imported fossil fuels. 10Power has successfully provided solar and energy storage to water purification centers providing clean drinking water to surrounding communities and offering free drinking water to schools. These centers are preventing cholera and dysentery, in-turn they are supporting majority women-owned micro-enterprises serving up to 300,000 people. 10Power has also provided solar to UNICEF Haiti's Headquarters
the largest solar installation on any UNICEF base in the world to date and the first with renewable generation and storage capacity capable of powering all operations. We are currently underway with a solar-powered water desalination project that will provide clean drinking water to 40,000 people. By supplying renewable energy that is more reliable and affordable than the status quo, we enable our commercial/industrial scale customers to grow their operations, provide inexpensive goods and services, circulate tender locally, and create more employment opportunities. Our efforts in-turn build a middle class powered by clean energy.

Our projects are demonstrating multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals, namely (13) Climate Action Now, (7) Renewable Energy for All, and (5) Gender Empowerment. Gender Equality is ingrained in 10Power’s DNA. As a Certified Benefit Corporation, gender empowerment is written into our corporate bylaws. 10Power is committed to recruiting and hiring women teammates and we are proud to have strong women’s leadership at every level of the company. Gender empowerment is also incorporated in the Key Performance Indicators we track for our partners and customers to encourage elevation of women throughout our value chain. In conjunction with HaitiTec University, we launched a women’s solar installer training program. 10Power is a certified UN Energy Access Practitioner and Benefit Corporation, honored as 2019 Best for the World Environment company. Deploying cutting-edge, innovative renewable energy technologies in Least Developed Countries, 10Power is redefining international development as regenerative development. See our founder’s TEDx Talk Fourth World Nation Building (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h60J8hErSFY). Access https://10pwr.com/.



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