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The rural sector, especially in Africa, has in recent years transformed for the worse.  With increaseing population and practice of sub-dividing land as children become of age, farms in rural Africa have become smaller each subsequent year. This limits productivity and makes it difficult to mechanize thus perpetuating low production and hunger. To overcome this challenge, Africa needs to go back to former cultural practices in which families and sometimes communities used to farm collectively - on large tracks on land, with shared labour and inputs.  Our solution is to refragment fragmented portions of land - at family level and at community level.  Through this process land will be restructured (reconsitituted) and farmers grouped into collective farming entities with shared resources (inputs, implements and labour).  Farmers will also be trained in group dynamics to manage the farm. Government extension services will be retrained to provide services to the 2getherFarms.  Use of low cost ICTs will be employed to provide weather information to farmers, to manage and keep track of individual farmer input and allocation. 



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