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2Roof is a company that produces roofing sheets from plastic wastes.It is a product of Vannia Technologies Limited.

The founders were concerned with the level of environmental pollution presented by plastic wastes in our communities and thought of finding a lasting solution to tackle the problem. The founders observed that there are so many institutions tackling the plastic pollution through recycling, but one thing common to all of them is that, they are recycling the wastes into pellets. Thus, they are only reducing the use of virgin plastic pellets but the plastic waste still come back to the environment immediately.

The founders were of the opinion that, there is need for a better solution for the plastic pollution by producing beneficial item that will last for decades. It was on this basis that 2Roof was established. There were different proposals on what the item would be, however, after considering the customer pain points in the built industry, it was settled on roofing sheet.

2Roof is an innovation that produces roofing sheets from plastic wastes. Taking the plastic wastes out of the environment ensures sanitation. By recycling the plastic wastes, the challenges of climate change are addressed. Also, production of roofing sheets from recycled plastic wastes contributes to the building of sustainable cities and communities. 2Roof ability to recycle plastic wastes and convert them into roofing sheets had impacted the community by promoting a clean, sustainable and green environment.

We take plastic wastes which take a thousand of years to decompose and turn them into roofing sheets. The roofing sheets are smooth to touch, very exact, fire resistant and help insulate the structure. The waterproof roof sheets will replace many systems now used in the construction industry, because they are stronger, longer lasting and cost less. The shingle and long span product lines have a molded texture which will allow us to interlock the roof sheets so they will not dislodge during high winds.

Why 2Roof?

• Built for the Green Agenda: taking harmful plastic wastes out of the environment helps in curbing the menace of climate change.

• Energy Efficient: 2Roof is designed to be adaptive to different weather conditions, hence reducing the need for temperature control systems.

• Fire resistant: resists fire on events of fire outbreaks.

• Cost Effective: 2Roof come in varying forms i.e. short span, long span and shingles; to suit the budget without compromising quality and needs of customers.

• Less Noisy: makes negligible noise during rainfall or excessive sunlight.

• Aesthetically Designed: 2Roof is designed to complement the beauty of any building.

• Built to Last: 2Roof is strong, durable and resistant to physical tempering and chemical attack.

Installing the roofing sheets offers the user an energy efficient building that will not fail and will outlast all other types of roofing. 2Roof products are a true system that meet the demands of today's architectural designs and will continue to provide these desired features in the future. The waterproof plastic-based roof sheets are a non-deteriorating material and can survive sun/rain cycles adequately. This opens the entire country (Nigeria) for sales, Africa and the global community. The roof sheets can be manufacture d in the short span style, long span style and stone coated shingle design.



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