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Our solution, a comprehensive soft & technical skills building solution oriented training suite, which is designed in a manner that is easily deployed and offers high quality access to technology education.

It comprises of 2 programs:

  • A Training of Trainers program, which prepares either most capable refugees (university students/graduates) and/or on-ground humanitarian response workers from scientific/engineering backgrounds to implement the second programs on a large scale.
  • A targeted training program on utilizing 3D printing technology in solving issues in refugee communities in a way that would ease their lives and improve their livelihood.

The content is based on our unique educational model, which incorporates storytelling with illustrative localized designs & task-based learning approaches that engages the recipients throughout each session, in addition 2D & 3D audiovisuals that help in delivering the content smoothly . The content itself is in constructed in local languages, to ensure that all of its recipients in each special setting are capable of comprehending all of its elements, and is developed by highly capable individuals and is to be delivered in the a student-centered mean.

Building up on our previously implemented content of the program, we are adding a Do It Yourself (DIY) 3D printer kit with every suite deployed, and expanding the content to include more information to the trained trainers on how to assemble, maintain and operate that kit, and information on how to operate it for the participants.

Through this model, we are directly tearing down barriers of either language, learning style or level of understanding, and is giving those refugees a very strong enabling tool that could help them fabricate objects and parts that can make their lives easier, and which can help expand their horizons for different means of generating income and preparing them to employ advanced technologies in picking their lives back up when they return to their homes.



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