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The Littery saves the planet from litter, plastic pollution, and poor recycling by using IoT & Computer vision to reframe litter into e-lottery tickets causing an instant change of attitude due to the innate human optimism bias resulting in an immediate and lasting behavioral change.

Today municipalities pay for expensive and ineffective services that clean up after citizens i.e. treat the symptoms. The Littery’s breakthrough idea has the potential to revolutionize the littering and household packaging collection markets with its superior solution by motivating citizens to keep their cities clean by themselves, i.e. treats the disease.

Cities that partner with The Littery experience cleaner communities with less litter and happier citizens at a lower cost.

Since our concept replaces litter bins, collection points, as well as deposit return schemes the customer, get 3 superior solutions in 1.

The Littery benefits cities by:

79-90 % CO2 savings

25-35% in savings for litter removal cost

Reducing air pollution and city noise

Increasing collection rates to surpass EU Plastic Packaging Recycling target for 2029

100% savings on litter bin maintenance

Prevents plastics polluting of our oceans

50% in savings for pest control

Reducing toxic substances leaking into our ecosystem

Cleaner spaces create safer communities= Happier citizens

The technology has been demonstrated in a relevant environment (TRL6) and we have formed a strong consortium to perform a pilot in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Greater Paris).

When litter hits the bins, everybody wins!



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