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To avoid hunger, every family should know how to produce crops, poultry and livestock to support daily consumption especially in 3rd world countries. The government should provide trainings and workshops for every family in the area. Because sometimes, resources are there, the presence and availability of resources are abundant but the knowledge on how to create and produce are lack. The government should mandate to utilize the backyard space of every family in a rural areas to produce crops (for the individual with land area 1/2 hectare and below). Since the population is increasing the government should act the idea to implement. Distribution of plant crops, poultry and livestock for individual in a particular area and teach them in farming practices towards the importance of agriculture that will create a better world to avoid hunger. Government and private entities should collaborate to teach individual in agricultural farming instead to wait for the hunger. The idea is always there but the implementation and execution of ideas are much harder. To measure the success of the plan and idea it should have a quarter evaluation and assessment. There should be a production for consumption, profit and to continue the production cycle. In a remote and rural areas there are always a fertile of land but the residence are lack of knowledge to cultivate and earn profit from those land from innovative agricultural practices. The government and private entities should work together to help the farmers where to distribute or where to acquire customers for their yield since many industries, especially in food industries, are sensitive to standards procedure and practices. When the practices of farmers and individual will change into modern and innovative the production and profit will increase its probability. Whenever, the idea on sustainable agriculture practices will lead to no hunger for every individual. Financial matters are also considered in this idea and the proper accountability of expenses with regards to the implementation and execution of the idea, the corruption activities should be prohibited to achieve innovative farming practices. Consistent monitoring is a key to measure the success and transparency of ideas. Moreover, climate change and weather condition should be viewed, provide crops that suitable in a region or countries for the individual and farmers. Due to the reason that, not all countries are the same weather condition; every countries having different soil type, wind condition, temperature and even climate condition. The government and private entities that part of this program should be knowledgeable to sort and to study the crops that suited in a region/country that resilient to climate change. Diversify farming on diversify culture is also considered by a happy and motivated agriculture production. A happy and motivated agriculture production also consider the beliefs and tradition of every individual, organization and farmers that respect the idea of diversity. Since in some countries and places some crops and livestock are prohibited. Hence, to acquire successful zero hunger this idea could create diversify farming for crops, poultry, and livestock that respects cultures diversity.



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