A Novel Approach to Vertical Soilless Farming

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Food security is one of the most important problems around the world. Countries usually try to secure their food by importing and/or increasing the local production as much as possible. However, food production is very limited in some parts of the world due to the climatic conditions, scarce of natural resources available for farming, and insufficient financial resources. Our system, reimagine.farm, attempts to solve this problem by utilizing the available resources in the most efficient way possible.

Our solution uses the cutting edge technologies like fogponics (usage of "fog" in farming) and the internet of things to increase the efficiency and the crop yield. The system saves water and energy by utilizing fog to deliver nutrients and water to the plants. The fog created by the low energy ultrasonic foggers used in the system, naturally raises and fills the containers that hold the plants. As a result, the newly designed system eliminates usage of water pumps and any other additional noisy & high power consuming systems to deliver the water and required nutrients to plants without using any soil. Plants planted in the system germinate and grow significantly faster by using less water and electricity when compared to conventional farming. The solar panels used in the farming units enable the system to run sustainably. All components of the system are reusable after the harvest that there is almost no post-harvest loss.

The system can be used as individual vertical soilless farming units in the houses or can be stacked in suitable places to easily scale up the production and commercialize. Additionally, individual units can be used in schools to teach biology and programming as the students can play with the opensource code that runs the vertical farming units.



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