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In December 2015 the major governments  including the  UAE signed the Paris Climate Change Agreement through the Mission Innovation initiative established to reduce global carbon emissions and achieve sustainable economic development at the same time. This is a difficult combination to achieve. It is estimated that the design and development of new technologies will take at least a decade and cost a billion dollars or more. The problem is that carbon emissions will also be increasing. Climate change cannot wait. Carbon emissions will be increasing. This is bound to result an environmental and technology  deadlock. New exponential technologies are therefore needed for this global challenge. 

Our inventor started working on this challenge twenty years ago. We believe we can  offer a solution for the above global clean technology deadlock and contribute towards the UAE becoming a global clean energy hub.  We achieve this as outlined below.

It is a well -known fact that the earth receives around 1000 Watts/ m2 of solar radiation. 

 A less well-known fact is that the earth emits millions of gigawatts of infrared during the night.

Around 60% of solar radiation is in the infrared region. Most of this energy is in tropical regions like Africa, Asia and Middle East with growing population. This can be a major energy source  for poverty alleviation for millions of people in these regions and much more. However, we do not have a suitable technology  for harvesting infrared radiation. We therefore need a clean energy systems re-design. 

Global challenges  are directly or indirectly related to energy generation or energy use.
We need to generate more energy for job creation and global prosperity particularly in developing countries with millions of people surviving at poverty levels for generations, Coal and oil are our main energy sources but they increase carbon emissions and do not provide a sustainable solution.  Existing solar energy generation equipment are not scale-able enough to provide a solution for all these problems. They also require much manufacturing,transportation, installations maintenance which increase costs further.  How do we find a solution to all these problems ? 
A number of major questions emerges from  the above.

  • Are we suitably  connected to the sun  as our main energy source ?
  • The answer is that we are not.
  • Can we design a highly scale-able method to connect us to the enormous energy source from the sun ?
  • The answer is that "'yes we can ".

 The  next important question is how do we connect to our main energy source for find solutions and lay the foundations for global prosperity ? Climate change and global prosperity are very large systems. Existing solutions have been tried for decades and are falling short of impacting the above problems. They require a systems re-design  Breakthrough or moonshot ideas are required for this purpose. Our startup company bring solutions to the table and  would like to contribute to this major global initiative as follows.    


 Prospera-Cleantech  is a startup partnership company to be incorporated in Charlotte  NC . Our inventor is  working in sustainable clean energy re-designs for developing countries for over twenty years.  One of our inventions is based on the concept of controllable mirages.  Mirages operate in nature both on the ground and outer space.  They result from air layer at different temperatures which change the refractive indices of the air layers which act as mirrors during total internal reflection at 100 % efficiency to provide  a non-solid method of reflecting and focusing solar radiation as well as other technology advantages for clean energy systems  re-design. Mirages consist of  heated air layers and are hence non-solid . Therefore they  do not require much manufacturing, transportation or  installations etc.  Moreover, they do not collect dusts during dust storms common in Middle East countries and hence require less maintenance than existing parabolic mirrors and solar panels. They are also optical and hence ageless. Therefore the concept has the potential to make cheaper clean energy generation method than existing solar equipment for more affordable energy access .

 We must therefore  also   go optical and non-solid  for breakthrough energy innovation  to reduce solar energy costs, find solutions to our energy challenges and eventually impact climate change. 



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