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Opening up psycho social health centers for refugees will help to deal with the mental challenges of majority of refugees, an area that is not being paid attention to here in Uganda. Africans generally have a mentality that depression and anxiety or any mental challenge is a white people problem. This issue has been ignored for a long while and as a result, we have seen a number of many Africans getting mental issues and actually dying because mental health is ignored. This goes without saying that majority of refugees fall under a category of people who suffer post conflict trauma. The countries surrounding Uganda which suffer violence include south Sudan,Congo and Burundi. over the years, Uganda has witnessed an increasing number of refugees fleeing away from violence and this comes with its own challenges. Uganda as a country does its part of registering them into the country and placing them in the camps. food and housing is provided for them too and they seem to start a new life. However,this is not all that is needed in order to provide for them a better livelihood. Majority of the refugees include women and children who come in alone and probably watched their parents being killed during the conflict and seek a new start. A ray of hope is a solution to help refugees have a fresh start. I believe a fresh start is not only about feeding and housing but most importantly the mental state of a human being. The solution involves counseling and a heart to heart talk with the people affected to help relive them from depression, anxieties and fears. In addition to this, there is an increase in gender based violence in the camps, there is a lot of crime in the camps and the law only looks at putting away the criminal. however, there are no systems put in place for the victims of such atrocities and yet for a person to live a reasonably good life, their mind must be healthy. Therefore, a ray of hope as a solution is here to bring back hope in the lives of the refugees, when they thought that life has all come to and end, we shall teach them that it is just the beginning of their lives, despite what happened, they can learn to live again and have a great sense of belonging in a new country.



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