A systems re-design for reducing desalination costs.

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The Middle East is one of driest regions of the world. The population in the major cities is increasing . Most of the cities  in the region have access to the sea  and also receive large amounts of solar radiation throughout the year.  Solar desalination therefore offers a sustainable solution. These are natural resource consisting of very large systems and hence require natural designs for optimal combination. However, combining these two major natural resource in a suitable manner  to reduce desalination costs has not been achieved , until now.


 Natural designs have provided us with sustainable solutions and still have the potential to help us find solutions for global challenges for a more prosperous and more equitable world.  Our technical insight for reducing the cost of desalination is based on the natural concept of the rain cycle which is much simpler than existing desalination systems. We combine the rain cycle with an optical and hence non-solid patent pending method based on the natural concept of controllable mirages for refracting, reflecting and focusing solar radiation. The non-solid optical method does not require heavy manufacturing, transportation, installations and maintenance common in parabolic mirrors and other solids-based equipment and hence reduces costs. This in turn results in reducing solar desalination costs.



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