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Urbanization and increasing concern for food safety has created demand for food to be produced under hygienic conditions with regular quality control inspections. This includes meat and meat products from domestic slaughterhouse and abattoirs. Unfortunately, the industry is faced with a shortage of slaughterhouses with about 77 licensed slaughterhouses/abattoirs in Ghana. With increasing consumption and production, there is tremendous pressure on the few slaughterhouses to satisfy demand and handle their production capacity. These production and processing dynamics have led to two distinct problems in the meat industry. The situation has led butchers having resorted to slaughtering animals in unsanitary conditions and some consumers have also resorted to illegal livestock slaughtering without quality control inspections and regulations.

AA Primal Meats Company Limited is focused on the market need to supply consistent, safe, quality products that exceed consumer expectations. By employing available technology, AA Primal Meat Company Limited will provide traceability from the farm of origin to the end user and will supply feedback to all parties involved. The information generated in this seamless supply chain will be used to make immediate improvements in the production, processing, and marketing of beef products

A.A Primal Meats Company Limited already operates a cattle farm with about 100 cows in stock (see appendix for pictures). This shall serve as one of the sources of raw material for meat production. Moreover, the location of the project puts it at a strategic advantage to access livestock from other farms for its operations and meat production. The 2010 agricultural census data puts the Techiman municipality as high production hub for goats, beef cattle, and lamb. This represent a significant market for meat processing services. Livestock will be obtained from the immediate environs of the project area from local livestock farmers and from Buipe, the largest Livestock Market in Ghana.



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