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Agriculture in Africa has a massive social and economic footprint with over 60 percent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa being smallholder farmers, while about 23 percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP comes from agriculture. (Source: McKinsey & Company 2019 article, Winning in Africa’s agricultural Market). However, agriculture is an area whose great potential remains untapped and we believe that digitizing agricultural value-chains is a precursor to developing Africa’s digital trade routes for global competitiveness and economic transformation across the continent. The ‘Abundance Villages’ concept is built around this localized advantage.

Abundance Villages aim to create a sustainable and healthy source of food for all by eliminating supply-chain inefficiencies in the Agriculture value-chain such as post-harvest loss and limited access to markets as well as availability of fresh and affordable produce to urban dwellers. Through our human-centered approach to designing a feasible, desirable and viable solution, Abundance villages are an end-to-end logistics solution serving farmers at the first mile and urban populations at the last mile through a network of connected fulfilment centers and fleet-on-demand across Rwanda.

HeHe, which means ‘Where’ in Kinyarwanda is a Geo-Location technology company looking to be at the forefront of 4th Industrial Revolution in Africa by creating a logistics backbone to enhance trade and commerce through matching demand and supply; enabling manufacturers, distributors and retailers to reach the end consumer more conveniently while giving consumers access to a variety of goods and services on-demand.



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