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Acacias for all is a social entreprise specialized in the rehabilitation of arid areas with agroecological value chains based on the participation of grassroots communities, especially women farmers, into the plantation of adapted trees which doesn't require much water ; the organisation of the value chain using international standards, and structuration of the market so the women farmers can take care of the trees they planted while getting income from it.

We coupled this initiative with a programme for youth called "The young forest keepers", creating a new generation of environemental local leaders planting trees in schools and public gardens to regreen their neighbourhoods and cities, while making the air cleaner. Especially acacias trees, this is why our company is named Acacias for all : in order to restore ecosystems in areas that became arid because of climate change, we plant acacias trees because their roots get the water very deeply underground, and they protect the areas from the sand and wind, allowing other crops to grow.

We finance our activities of land restoration using an innovative financial mix of donations for carbon offsetting, selling products on the local market with a national brand, and on the international market as raw productions, and we reinvest 40% of our benefits into new trees plantations and bonues for the women farmers working with us. The 60% left are reinvested to start working with new communities.

So far and since 2012, we successfully planted +700 000 trees in Tunisia, and we are currently empowering more than 300 women farmers producing essentiel oils for the market of natural fragrances, and superfoods like moringa ou dattes.

Our moonshot is to create The North Africa Green Belt from Morocco to Tunisia, setting agroecological value chains in the 3 countries with grassroots communities so they can regreen their lands, while capturing carbon in the air and generate fair incomes.



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