Active Propulsion Technology

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The solution address the challenge "Sustainable Energy"

Active Propulsion Technology

  1. simplifies electricity production and distribution making the production process free from thermal processes, enabling creation of electric energy in pure electro-mechanical process.
  2. removes the range limit from electro-mobility through making electric vehicles energetically self-sufficient -  consuming no external electricity nor fuel.
  3. makes aviation free from jet propulsion.

What is Active Propulsion Technology?

Kinetic potential of super rigid materials, discovered 2007 in Active Propulsion Laboratory in Pławy (Poland), caused profound changes in construction of pressure-electric engines. These became a rotational and a linear pressure-electronic modules. On the behaviour of both types of pressure-electronic modules have the features of an actively stabilized structure of pressure-electric multiple-layers and the electronic supply a decisive influence.

  1. As a result of development of active propulsion technology, electric power generators driven by rotational high power pressure-electronic moduls are constructed - understood as a newly discovered electric energy sauce - making basis for active propulsion technology. Relatively uncomplicated in construction - even though based on special material and advanced electronic supply - the actively propelled electric power generators would be able - in contrary to wind turbines and photovoltaic panels - produce the stable electricity round the clock - regardless of whether the wind blows or sun shines - and through this would outdistance methods of winning renevable energy. What is more, power plants of distributed generation would not burn fuel to produce the stable electric power and through this would outdistance the internal combustion techniques. The only drawback would be, that being sustainable saucers of electric energy, these would be devices, and as such ones, they must be built and be serviced - as like other devices.- they would undergo altering and exploatation processes. But by work they would they would need no fuel, as need it effective devices of conventional or nuclear power industry, which as first convert the chemical energy of fuel on heat at the fuel burning to produce steam, then convert heat on the mechanical energy through propulsion of steam turbins - what requires extra devices as stoves or reactors, steam turbins, cooling towers and extra activities such as mining of energetic crude, rectifying it to fuel and transporting to the power plants, burning of fuel, heating of water, cooling of water - and exclusively then - convert the mechanical energy of steam turbins through propulsion of electric power generators into electric energy. Because of overtaking of all these processe, i.e. through shortening of production chain of electricity, decreasing costs of electricity production, actively propelled power generators would outdistance the conventional and nuclear power industry. Emerging of active propulsion technology makes questionable winning of natural energetic resourses (coal, oil and gas), refining of these and extracting to fuel. The problem could have petrochemical sector of economy; how to optimize usage of existing production potential, available assets and financial reserve- whe to direct activity of the nafta sector to? The problem solves as brings the active propulsion technology with its potential to improve the current power industry. The active propulsion technology makes it possible to build a stable distributed generation of high efficiency. Through equipment of power plants of distributed generation with actively propelled electric power generators stating a pollution free, not known and not used up to now sources of sustainable electric energy, and through situation of these next to main electric power consumers, the electric power production could be totally environmental neutral and follow by costs deep below the costs of conventional and renewable energy production and distribution. 
  2. Electric drive of cars basing on bateries undergoes strict range limitation. It is because of electric capacity of accumulators which are not suitable for sustainable supply of electric cars. In consequence, driving on a longer distance by electric vehicles is possible only by using of traction or charging infrastructure. Replacement of batteries of accumulators through electric power generators propelled by high power pressure-electronic modules overcomes not only the range limitation but also would eliminate both: the fuel and external electricity consumption.(The electricity is produced intern by use of kinetic potential of super rigid materials discovered 2007). Through equipment of electric cars in actively driven power generators, constantly producing electricity when needed for supply, electric vehicles would become energetically self-sufficient - consuming no external power in any form. This would have definitely positive impact of both: the environment and costs of personal and freight transport. 
  3. The linear device enables generation of trust beyond contact to environment. This is physics of super rigid matter - new physics - grounded on improved equations of motion with different from classical dependence of conservation laws of momentum and energy upon symmetry conditions. It leads to thoroughly change in traditional propulsion techniques of flying, swimming, sliding and rolling. Traditional drive used in aviation, based on wings, propellers and jet propulsion is just hitting its limitations. This is because of trends to massive use of air ways in personal transport. As a result of traffic condensation, flying with light aeroplanes, jets or helicopters having outer carrier parts is becoming dangerous and possible only by use of runways or landing platforms in cost of place, let alone such expensive infrastr. as airports. The linear active propulsion technology overcomes these limitations. Flying objects with total inner drive - free of external drive and carrier parts - can safely moor to every stationary or even moving objects. Moreover, electricity needed for supply would be produced intern by use of kinetic potential of super rigid materials - also in active propulsion tech. Adventages of linear active propulsion technology are: quite internal drive of airplanes and boats with consequences: increased safety of fly and environmental neutrality as well energetic self-sufficiency of flying and swimming objects. ...................................................................................................................................... A remark to the last trend in automobility and avionics - building of "flying cars". It means that personal transport based on cars just try to climb to the air. Though the concept is technically possible to realize with traditional drive used in avionics - based on wings and propellers - nevertheless the key to success lays in active propulsion. Actively driven vehicles become rather flying saucers than cars........................................
  4. Report to implementation of active propulsion technology to economy........................................................... The implementation process regarding the first solution started 1.07.20018 with a R&D Project realized in the company Siwek Sp. z o. o. in Lubelskie (Poland). The realization time (1.07.2018 - 31.12.2020).................. The first implementation of new type electric power generator to energy sector of economy will follow in Nevada, USA, in the company NVEnergy probably in the year 2020. Just we negotiate terms of co-working. December 2018 I made attempt to win French Renault for the project: "Exemplary conversion of a long distance road-truck internal combustion drive to electric one with replacement of battery by an actively driven power generator". Why to convert instead of build new? Reasons are the following. Suppose, electric mobility will be reality and building of actively driven long distance electric trucks will prosper well. Then still remain huge number of trucks with internal combustion drive suitable and ready for conversion. For this case we need good pattern. That is why conversion instead of building new. Why conversion of a truck? For more joy by the work, because of easy access every parts of drive mechanism and sufficient place for the electric power generator. The results would be easy transferable on bus, coach and land tractor electric drive.              The third solution isn't implemented yet. I've just make attempt to win for co-working in proper implementation project Lockheed Martin in Nevada.



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