Advanced Circular Economy Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Aceleron is an innovative clean technology company using patented technology to manufacture advanced circular economy lithium batteries that can be serviced, maintained and upgraded, the first of its kind. Aceleron’s Circa technology enables the easy remanufacture, reuse, recycling and repair (4R) of lithium batteries. At present, batteries are produced, used and then thrown away
often with over 80% of their health remaining. By extracting 100% of the material value from batteries and repurposing them into new applications, Aceleron is able to utilise the full value from battery packs drastically reducing battery waste and the lifetime cost. A major obstacle to lithium fulfilling the world’s energy needs is the lack of recyclability especially when compared to lead acid batteries, in this way Aceleron’s technology is the solution to the Energy Trilemma as well as the sustainable development goal 12 which focuses on waste reduction.



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