IXON: Advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging

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Can you imagine how much cost and energy we can save if fresh meat, fish and seafood can be distributed around the world at room temperature without cold chain? Our patent-pending advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging (ASAP) technology enables the sterilization of food at the gentle temperature range of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius. At these temperatures, beef remains pink, tender and juicy; fish remains soft and succulent; and egg yolk just barely sets. And because we rid of all bacteria, the food will not spoil and can be eaten straight out of its food packaging.

Proteins are an important source of energy and nutrient source for us humans. We are spending an increasing amount of labour, energy and cost to produce meat, such as beef, pork and chicken, in order to satisfy the hunger of the world. Little did we know that every year we throw away 40% of the meat we produce because of spoilage, discoloration and food expiration date. Furthermore, we waste an enormous amount of energy to store, distribute, freeze, defrost and cook meat, thereby contributing to greenhouse gas emission and fossil fuel depletion.

Our technology is unique in that the products made are not only shelf-stable at room temperature like canned food, but have the look, taste and texture of fresh food. In fact, the quality of our products in general rival that of five-starred dishes prepared by professional chefs and high-class restaurants.

Our products can be stored at room temperature for up to two years, without using chemicals or preservatives. The ASAP technology uses 30 percent less energy than canning, and 80 percent less energy than freezing. Using our technology, healthy, nutritious and affordable ready-to-eat meals can be made and globally distributed, giving children across the world greater access to much needed proteins.



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