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Although there has been huge efforts of increasing food production and availability, there are higher rates of under nourishment and malnutrition in children and in adult people in Africa. This is caused by nutritional deficiencies. According to FAO, it has been observed that deficiencies occur in people who have limited access to a balanced diet. Reports show that people from rich quintiles are better off because they can access and afford various food items for a balanced diet. Poor people suffer much from nutritional deficiencies because they can not afford to buy various food items for a balanced diet They have little money to spend on food. This makes them to buy only one type of food particularly the one which is sold at low price, so this makes those people to eat only one type of food for long time which leads to under nourishment and malnutrition

We,Mkulima AgriClinic enterprise (, have been offering digital access to training services, clinical services and advisory services to farmers in order to increase food productivity , availability and accessibility in urban and peri-urban areas. We came to discover that, in many places in urban areas food may be available but not accessible to low income people due to high prices of some superior foods such as meat.So, we came up with an innovative way of making food accessible at affordable prices that any person can buy at any price he/she can afford. We there fore established AEDA FOODS , to solve the challenge

AEDA FOODS provides a solution by which we are selling bundled food items ( various types of food items that make a balanced diet as single package) at any price the customer is able to pay. This means a customer is able to buy veggies, fruits, beef, eggs , fish , chicken etc as one package containing all these food items at any price that he/she is able to pay. What we do, is that, we buy various types of food in bulk and we process or repackage them into small quantities which are sold as package containing different food items. The customers can order the food items online (on, via phone call or SMS. The food items ordered are then delivered at customer 's place just after making payment via mobile money. This model helps people to access food they want to eat and eat a balanced diet at a cost they can afford



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