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Dirt accumulating on solar panels causes monthly energy production decreases ofup to 35 %
a figure that can rise to 80 % following a sandstorm. In arid regions, the main deposits thataccumulate on solar panels and mirrors are sand and dust. To remove this build up, most plant operatorsand servicing companies clean power plants manually
in some locations on a daily basis. Manufacturersare on the lookout for more efficient cleaning technologies. At Aerial Power our mission is to raise theefficiency of solar power significantly. We have produced a cleaning method specifically designed forthe automated cleaning of solar panels in arid regions with low humidity.

Aerial Power

is the first solution to automatize the cleaning process and utilizing its own airflow
fastens returns on investment of solar power plants by significantly reducing maintenance costs
enhances energy efficiency of solar power by extending the geographic viability for power plants
reduces consumption of fresh water using a revolutionary 'dry cleaning' technique;critically important as the cost and logistics of using water are especially high in arid regions
improves labour conditions in what are often high temperature, high voltage and sometimes evenhigh altitude environments

Recent requests from Australia have been concerning the removal of ash from surfaces,yet this is to be investigated.

Our drones are the key to cost effective maintenance of solar power plants. The patented methodologyof utilizing the downdraft of the drone is cost efficient, reducing the UAV’s payload. Flying in close proximityacross the panels and at low velocity, the drone’s wind simply dusts off sand onto the ground. This is a farcheaper option than manual cleaning, and has a much lower impact on the sensitive surface than any otherapproach.

We are confident that Aerial Power by far outperforms all existing solutions in terms of cost andquality. Competing solutions are generally heavy and cumbersome, and need up to four people to be movedfrom one solar array to the next. Many of these even require hardware to be customized to suit individualsolar farms and need to be permanently installed.

Solar panel production is a highly competitive market that attracts considerable research into raising theefficiency of solar cells. Advances in efficiency are achieved in small increments, but the drone can radicallyimprove panel efficiency by removing sand that otherwise would prevent sunlight from reaching the solarcells. The strong knock on effect is to increase the ROI of both current and planned power plants.



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