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Aeroroots with a vision of “a pesticide free tomorrow” offers breakthrough solution for sustainable soilless non-pesticide farm on the Roof that promise to grow more and better with less resource. AeroRoots uses modern technology namely hydroponics and aeroponics. Our technology promises much higher productivity than traditional agriculture. The space savvy and user friendly system can be operated by anyone irrespective of knowledge in farming and is also easier to operate in the busy urban life as it seeks only fraction of time compared to soil farming.

Another interesting part is that the system requires no new land as it can be fit in 4*4 feet of space in the house roof or even in the balcony for producing fresh, nutritious and healthy vegetables through-out the year for personal consumption or even for commercial consumption if replicated. Vegetables in this system can also be grown indoor with the help of various light systems. This could not only sustain individual houses but a city on healthy vegetables leading to good health. Growing in controlled environment and having the grasp in the nutrient we provide to the plants as per their need, faster growth can be seen in the plants with little waste. Along with this, the system saves water by 99% compared to the traditional farming that opens up farming avenues to places with limited source of water like desert and also in a dense city. With the aim to reduce the agriculture waste, human effort and use of pesticides we also strive to ensure food security and tackle malnutrition in developing countries by reinventing the way we grow, trade and consume food.

Therefore, with the high-tech agriculture system, we try to solve the problem of unhealthy food being consumed by people. Mainly in urban areas with increasing population, no new land for farming and people being compelled to consume pesticides filled food; this portable system is useful in many ways as to make them grow their own vegetables that makes them consume healthy food with less pesticides and preservatives, be accountable of what they grow and eat which ultimately ensures food security.



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