Affordable healthy foods for urban population.

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Greenwells Organics is a Kenyan enterprise that focuses on developing healthy foods

value chain with the aim of availing organic foods to urban population in Nairobi within

close proximity at affordable cost. The company uses an out grower approach for food

production focusing on peri-urban food producers especially women within 50 km radius

of Nairobi. The company processes organic foods that are delivered to customers to the

urban population using an outsourced delivery system. The mobile money system in

Kenya has enabled the company to automate its payment and accounting system and is

seeking funding to increase its farmer population from the current 1 to 10 groups in the

next 3 years to enhance its service delivery.The company will also need to open more

outlets in Nairobi City.

According to the Kenya Housing and Population census of 2019, Nairobi has a

population of 4.4M people.It is estimated that half of the Kenyan population will be

living in urban areas by 2050. The challenge of food production cost, poor infrastructure

and decrease in agricultural land in urban and peri urban areas is the main reason why

food cost in urban areas is on the rise.

The situation has been exacerbated by food production that is mainly rain fed and highly

affected by varying weather conditions, poor technology and poor food handling in the

post-harvest phase especially for perishable produce. Lack of market information has also

limited the capacity of farmers to penetrate meaningfully into the mainstream economy,

resulting in influx of low-quality crops. Greenwells organics will thus facilitate training

of the farmers groups.

Value addition for perishable food crops at the point of production or market level to

enhance shelf life of the produce is critical. Assured market for the farmer, access to

information and availability of food at the closest proximity to the end user is important

for a healthy nation.

With youth and women population accounting for 65% of the total workforce and

coupled with an unemployment rate of 25% (KIPPRA, 2017), it’ s likely to drive

Nairobi’ s economic growth in the coming years in addition to providing affordable

healthy food. GreenWells Organics will Engage the populations in organic farming

activities.Achieving the universal SDGS requires more and high-quality products. A key

first step in exploiting the opportunities is recognizing youth and women as beneficiaries,

collaborators and leaders in farming,this holds the promise of greater benefits for them.



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