Affordable Solar Water Desalination System

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Off-grid and rural parts of the world are badly affected by climate change impacts. In coastal area salt intrusion into the boreholes have killed farming that for generation was the main source of income for many villagers. In inland parts of Africa, ground water contamination is making the quality of life worsen day by day. Chloride, fluoride, bacteria, calcium, viruses are so common in drinking and irrigation water coming from shallow and even deep boreholes across East Africa. To address such a dilemma. We have designed and manufactured an affordable simple solar water desalination systems for off-grid communities.

The solution is so simple on its mechanical process that local people can easily run it and take care of its maintenance. Producing 1000 liter of hygiene drinking water from direct seawater by this systems costs nothing more than 0.50 USD ! You just need a wrench and a screw driver as the total tools set needed to take care of the maintenance.

The system is delivering two different quality of water, drinking water and irrigation water. The irrigation water quality goes through a range of enrichment process to make it ideal for farming purposes. An efficient drip irrigation system is connected to the irrigation water supply of the machine to make sure high water is delivered to the farms at its most sustainable and efficient way.

Our solution have helped tens of villages in East Africa to be self-sustained and causes reverse migration of the locals from cities back to their own land and keep working on their farms!

Business Model:

Standalone Water Desalination System: purify and desalinate seawater/high-salinity brackish water using reverse osmosis and sterilizing viruses/bacteria with UV light; solar energy powered; durable; easy to maintain; successful prototype.

WaterKiosk: franchise-based WaterKiosk providing clean water with an ecosystem of value-added services at an affordable cost (e.g. sales of medicine, internet access, electricity)


  • Producing water at very low cost, 1.000l for €0.40 compared to the current local purchase tariff of €40 for 1.000l (figures are for Kenya).
  • Flexibility of raw water intake. Treating chloride, calcium, fluoride, salt, bacteria, viruses and turbidity.
  • Impact driven business model.
  • Adapted to African markets allows local maintenance and repair.
  • Remote monitoring secures functionality.
  • Mobile-money for all financial transactions (using M-Pesa).



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