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In many cities of Africa where the government have failed its people – failed to provide infrastructures, basic amenities, and jobs for its citizens; the citizens have no option than to find other means to carter and provide food for themselves and their families in order to survive. For some of these people, they have learned to become local vendors and manufacturers for consumer products. However, their return on investment (ROI) is either very low or nothing in most days, if not months. To help reduce the effect of a failed government, poverty, hunger, and a low ROI for hardworking vendors and manufactures, Afribarn has provided a solution by launching an e-commerce marketplace platform with ease of use, logistics, and several international safe payment gateways that allows vendors and manufactures in Africa to be able to sell to the global customers.

This solution provides opportunity for African vendors and manufactures to earn and even earn more, for their labor by selling at the value of foreign currencies and increasing their customer base rather than just selling to the locals with little or no returns. Amazon and Alibaba have been dominating the international e-commerce industry from the USA and China respectively but with the emergence of Afribarn, it will increase the inclusion of African vendors and manufacturers in the international e-commerce industry.

Additionally, in the course of getting vendors and manufactures on-boarded to the Afribarn marketplace, Afribarn has invested in facilities and staff educators to educate these vendors and manufactures especially those in the rural areas about the art of e-commerce. By doing this, it has increased the e-commerce inclusion rate and initiated many local vendors and manufactures to catch up with the modern trend of buying and selling.

With continued investment, support and operations of Afribarn marketplace, it will enormously increase the inclusion of African manufacturers and vendors in the international e-commerce industry. This will improve the livelihood of many people in Africa.



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