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To advocate for peace and social justice, gender equality in the country, do livelihood programs and believe that if the youth and community leaders are taught the right instructions on gender and peace shown the right examples, there can be more Martin Luther King Jr, more Nelson Mandela, and more Mahatma Gandhi.

Due to the past year's conflict in South Sudan up to present, the youth and women of South Sudan have suffered both social and economic problems that African Generations for Peace and Security Initiative found a need to address.

Women, girls, children, and youth continue experiencing profound suffering during all years of war, violence, and displacement. Women and young girls are rapped, youth are the jointing ethnic arm via force.

A group of returnees from Ethiopia came up to address the issues that Generations were facing among these South Sudanese communities. AGPSI noted the importance of advocating for peacebuilding and social justice efforts and livelihoods targetting women, young girls and youth in South Sudan. It was also realized that the sharing and dialogues among and between the communities are so important. As such the AGPSI will mobilize women and youth to form women peace clubs and youth peace clubs with mandate of forming a platform for women, youth, a local leader and policymaker to come together to identify their issues, South Sudan is a country where all types of violence are found. And it is a place where human rights violations exist and people do not allow to talk about it. Identify remedial approaches to addressing these issues, learn and share together and solve the real-life problems.   



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