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Afrigenius offers advisory and management services to farmers, with a focus on the African continent. Using recently evolving technology such as IoT, Robotics, and some built-in Algorithms, Afrigenius can now achieve the following:

Optimisation crop selection: Based on the climate, soil, land size, farmer’s experience and market forecast and not just based on the soil and climate factors as traditionally done, and therefore reducing the risk of opportunity cost.

Crop monitoring and optimisation of input: With real time information about the crop, Afrigenius can timeously and precisely provide input to the needy crop, by so doing reducing operation cost, improving produce quality and reduce wastage of natural resources.

Farm Financial Accounting: Afrigenius offer a user friendly and robust basic Financial Accounting system to farmers, since they are must of the time reluctant to administrative work. AGCount is Offers the farmer the opportunity to record financial transactions ‘on the fly’.

Networking of farming ecosystem: Afrigenius Connects Farmers, Government, Agro-processors, Farm suppliers and to markets



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