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Afrix is an Agricultural package that addresses the problem of scarcity of organic food and also access to farm produce.We aimed at solving the problem of Malnutrition, Hunger and enhancement of Economic growth.The Afrix Package aimed at linking local farmers to global market. The package would support farmers with the necessary training and inputs to facilitate the production. The Afrix Package would also engage local farmers with innovative skills that can enable them with the ability to engage in an all year round farming but placing measures to provide water and preserve water bodies for irrigation purposes.The Afrix stores is located in the Northern part of Ghana and it can serve as a strength. The Nothern Territories in Ghana to be engaged in Agricultural farming and funny enough we have this farmers sometimes waste their produce with the excuse of no market meanwhile we have people suffering with cost of access to food in some urban areas because of the scarcity of food in those sectors.

The Afrix pakage aimed at engaging local farmers to pitch their farming ideas that can help to achieve our objective of No Hunger, Nutrition and Economic growth.

Afrix Package which has another area where farmers are engage in tree planing around the farms. Any farmer that clears lands for farming practice need to plant equal trees around within the boundaries of the farm for proper ecosystem friendly. The project aimed at providing an environment friendly Agricultural farming. We have registered farmers and has the plan to allocate resource men from the various Agric sectors, though we are supporting them with inputs like fertilizers,seedlings and trees for planting around farm boundaries.

The Afrix package would also create better conditions for communities deprived of water bodies for irrigation with Animal rearing skills and provision of animals and training to help balance the scale. The other communities would sell some of their produce to them and they in exchange sell their animals to green communities,. The farmer groups which would be in Animal rearing would help gather Animal dropping as a compost to support the Green lands so that we can produce organic and eat organic.

Finally the Afrix package would have something like Tree policy, We would let farmers to sign a bond by agreeing to pay others to fulfill the bond



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