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Agency for Generational Education is Non Profit and Non-Governmental Organization, established on basis of eradicating illiteracy, promotes healthcare, empowering people through provision of  job preparedness skills helping them to be self reliance by creating Income Generating Activity aiming to minimize poverty at both urban and grassroots level. Besides, engaging people on peace initiatives programs this is to do with establishment of recreational centers to help promotes sports activities for women, children, elderly and youths as whole. And educating people to deviate from conflicts related issues like, hate speeches towards group deemed or presumed to be enemy by the other. We will accomplish our goals through provision of training initiatives, this is to select group of individual working toward this cause then these persons will keep on educating fellow members of their community to avoid conflict. 

It's believed, cause of prevailing issues affecting human stability is lack of awareness. Creating awareness widen people's understanding on how to respond to their environment, this will involves training on Sexual and Gender Base Violence (SGBV), Child Protection programs this services will  not only help societies understand their rights, its make them response to their immediate problem as problem solvers or change makers.

Furthermore, this solution will take into account the aforementioned groups to promote peace in following ways: 

•Football Tournaments: This is by bringing people from disjunctive background to participate in sports competition, then awarding the wining at the end of tournament.

Sport is highly recommended activity bringing people together and build the spirit of love and unity among them.

•Construction of recreational centers: This should be place where different games should be played, this includes: Volleyball, Tenis, Domineos, and etc. 

• Peace building initiatives: training Local Community Peace Committee (LCPC), this group will be tasked to tackled issues at their jurisdiction with help of local authorities, the committee's roles is to as well to apprehend the suspects who must have contributed to committing crime or an offence against individual or groups.

To have peaceful world, we should embark on peace development through enriching mindset of human spices. Lack of education on peace context is what made many people suffer from chronicle ignorant and be subjected to the life of instability. In upshot, this leads to unlawful acts inducing people to commit crimes in societies. Preparing people to help educate the rest will curb this prevalent of conflicts among societies, and even more they will custodian of peace and Justice... etc 



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