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Access to a fair and stable market has been a great challenge to our rural farmers.

Agrabah Ventures was created to help support the local economy by driving advancements in the Agriculture sector for farmers, fisherfolks, and businesses.

Our flagship product is Agrabah Wharf – a managed service provider platform that provides improved efficiency in agriculture trading, trade financing, and logistics.

Value to Farmers and Fisherfolks:

Secured pricing – The farmers can now enjoy a worry-free planting season. Even before they plant, they can already plan out which crop to plant and at what price it will be purchased after the harvest.

Stable Market Channel – With Agrabah Wharf, before they harvest, they can already look at multiple buyers which can provide a better buying price. Farmers now have the visibility over expanded markets.

Save up to 80% Marketing Cost
Because we provide farmers access to multiple buyers, they don’t have to have a physical store to display their produce. This provides savings on their rental and utility cost. They can now focus on what they are good at which is farming.

Raise the effectiveness of logistics and distribution operations – Logistics has always been a challenge in shipping produce. We can arrange logistics for the farmer which raises the effectiveness of their distribution.

Quality Testing and Training – We can reduce food waste if we can match the delivery quality to the expectations of the buyers. We equip the farmers with training and quality testing, so they know the exact specifications each client needs. Before they even deliver a product, they have already sorted out and checked for quality.

Value to Institutional Buyers:

Save up to 60% cost in the procurement department – We have eliminated the need for the procurement officer to always be on the phone calling multiple suppliers daily. They can now see everything in the dashboard and have access to which farm is ready for harvest.

Utilize their resources and processes more effectively and efficiently – Purchasing officers can now allocate their time to other tasks aside from making follow up calls or farm visits.

Quicken the identification of process and supplier difficulties – Having an overview of your own supply chain, it is now easy to see which part of the chain needs intervention. You can easily identify which farms produce inferior quality and provide them additional training to improve production.



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