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Agriboost, we are the farming solution to climate change. Agriboost seeks to tap into existing and potential market for fresh, smoked, and dried fish. Our fish will be fed mainly on microalgae and black soldier fly larvae . Microalgae traps carbon dioxide to grow and releases oxygen as a byproduct, thus with this methodology of feeding our fish, we are contributing to combating climate change. This is going to be a sustainable way of feeding fish as the norm is actually to use fish to feed fish contributing to fish stock depletion in the ocean.

Moreover, we are using a kiln technology currently endorsed by the food and agricultural organization, which is known as the FAO Thiaroye Processing Technique. We will be using the best smoking technology to process our fish. This modern kiln technology reduces CO2 emissions as much as 35% compared to the traditional kilns the local fishmongers use. This kiln technology is healthier, safer and efficient to use and of which it would be a great value to our fishmongers.. For sustainability and profit maximization an organic exotic vegetable farm is integrated into the system to utilize waste water from the catfish farming. Another unique business model added is that non employees who would still like to smoke their fish can use our technology charged at a small fee. In that way, we would be promulgating the idea of eating healthy smoked fish and at the same time impacting the environment positively.



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