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The robot is designed to help farmers in ploughing the soil, sowing the seeds and covering the seeds with soil.

Materials Used


DC Motor

Servo Motor



Remote Transmitter Board

Remote Receiver Board

Recyclables – Funnel, Glass and plastic sheet



Connect the servo and dc motor and batteries using cables to the CPU.

The remote receiver board must be placed beside the CPU.

Place the funnel/any container on the glass sheet to hold the seeds for planting.

Program the robot for picking the seed from the container and planting and for any other movement using Rogic programming.

Use the remote buttons on Remote transmitter board to control the robot’s movement.

The plastic sheets available in the front and back assists in ploughing and covering the seeds with soil.

It was visually apparent that the robot was able to move in the soil and do the following actions such as ploughing, sowing and covering the seeds with soil.

The desired benefits are it is easy to control the robot, operate and programme. It is environment friendly and has better efficiency.

The foremost benefit is to help our farmers in hot countries like UAE with better speed and accuracy.

I am working towards Sustainable Development Goal SDG 2 – Zero Hunger, which aims to remove hunger from the earth. As many of the farmers are shifting to city in view of better prospectus, job and opportunities, we need to provide help and support to the remaining farmers else after a few years we will not have any farmers.



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