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In the recent past we have had changes in the rain pattern especially in the arid and semi arid areas in kenya and loitokitok being one of the places , we have seen alot of decrease in agricultural production expecially on rain depending firms which form the largest percentage of farmers in the area.Due to this challenge it has made it difficult to eradicate poverty since theres little economic activities through out the year. Though efforts have been done by the local governments the efforts have made a very small impact when it comes to agriculture and therefore as one of the youths in the area i thought that the solution to these problems is smart farming and value addition.

Irrigation has proved to be a reliable method of farming which can be done at any time of the year without depending on the rain patterns.My solution involves  mapping the area and drilling up boreholes that will be used as water sources ,training the farmers on new techniques and farming methods ,introducing new products that are competititve in both domestic and international markets and with time adding value to the products produced which will not only minimize the post harvest losses but also create more jobs and opportunities hence reaching the goal of rural transformation and zero hunger.

the project will be carried out in pilot phases where after drilling a bore hole and successfully starting an irrigation process more research is to be done on how to utilize the water sources without creating a conflict on the resources which will provide more room for expansion and giving the project a meaning and also to allow the farmers to learn.

i intend to segment the available land into segments after consultations with the owners and entering into a mutual agreement , conncect the segments with water source then do a variety of soil tests to establish what plants will do well in the soils before planting.

The farmers challenges includes finding a ready market for their produce and to address this i intend to engage both local buyers and expoters to ensure constant market for the produce before and after value addition.



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