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My idea is on AGRICULTURE. People in the rural area of most west African countries rely solely on Agriculture for survival, this is because; there is a high level of illiteracy as most parents cannot afford sending their wards to school, they just cultivate the soil just to get food enough for their individual family   ( Subsistence Agriculture) in which case they don't make enough money that will see their children/wards through school and that has been a major hindrance to rural development and also a high rate of illiteracy and poverty.

Education has brought enlightenment, technology, poverty aleviation, development etc to the world at large, when a nation is limited in knowledge, it will yield to ignorance, poverty, high death rate, diseases and so much harm, but the reverse is the case when enlightened.

I want to see to it that the people in rural communities invest more in Commercial Agriculture in order to have enough products for both consumption and for export.....I'm looking at Cultivation of large scale of coconuts:

  1. Coconut plantation
  2. Industries for the production of:
  3. Organic Coconut oil
  4. Organic Coconut flour
  5. Organic Coconut milk
  6. Soya bean
  7. Soya bean cereals
  8. Organic Soya bean milk drink
  9. Organic Cabbage flour etc

I realised that coconut is  a special food that is rich in fibre and numerous vitamins/minerals, it contains zero carbs which is very essential for diabetic patients, it oil enhances hair growth and also rejuvenate the skin, these are just few of the wonders of  coconut.

I want to create job opportunities which will curb unemployment and high rate of poverty especially in the rural areas, I intend to acquire large plots of land, cultivate coconut, soya bean, cabbage etc. Build industries where the production will be done, get farmers to cultivate , employ youths to produce, package, market and distribute the items, I believe within a space of 2-3 yr unemployment/poverty  should be reduced  by at least 20%, if i can realise this idea in about 15-20 countries around the globe, I'm sure that by 2025 there should be zero hunger,unemployment curbed, poverty alleviated thereby yielding a zero hunger economy .

 I decided to go into coconut production because I realise the flour can be used in baking bread,and a varieries of snacks too, the flour can also be used as swallow for eating any kind of soup, used as thickner for sauce and soups too.

There's presently a high demand for coconut flour; yet it is limited in supply and relatively expensive becaise it's imported and from my research theres no company presently in Nigeria that produces both coconut and cabbage flour which makes my idea an added advantage.




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