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Agrica Incorporated,

Agrica is a concept built around the development of an agricultural technological platform that will be constructed into three main sections:

The First will be a segment that provides a channel through which agricultural retailers, and distributors 

of agricultural products can transact.

The Second will be a segment for partnership, and social networking for agricultural entrepreneurs, and 


The Third will be a segment for advanced education on the various sectors relating to the agricultural 

industry, and a general platform information that guides regional planning, soil data, and analysis, 

agricultural analysis of regions, and potential global markets, futuristic analysis, industrial information 

on agricultural machinery manufacturers, and valid information on the technological advancements in 

the agri-tech industry.

Market opportunity:

The Platform provides a modernized form of agricultural integration globally.

The Platform combines three main sectors that are essential to a global society.

The Platform has triple modes of monetization:

Advertisement of Agri-Businesses, Subscription of Integrated Technological Management Systems for Agricultural Corporations with main partners and industry participants in order to ensure success.

Percentage Accumulation on Retail Transactions

Purchasing of Credible materials, and Subscription Access to Advanced Information

The Platform also has the potential to expand into the biggest technological agricultural platform 

because of its level of concept potential. The Platform could alter the traditional mode of agricultural procedures, and ensure the construction of a global agri-tech world through its channel.

Global Problems Addressed by Agrica:

1. Lack of Exposure

2. Global Agricultural Business Platform Inadquacy

3. Global Gap in the Agricultural Industry

4. International Cooperation Inadequacy 

5. Sufficient Information Unavailability 



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