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Nowadays agriculture, machine and technology come asides, it’s extremely hard and people intensive to do any activity in the field without a combination of those 3 itens. There are over 2 millions agricultural machinery, over than half of those machines are old with no technology and high operational cost. Moreover, the owners of that old fleet are mainly small and medium growers, who struggle to make some money after a year of hard working.

Thinking about that we created a solution that consists in a hardware and software to help small and medium-sized growers. The solution manages field activities and optimizes the fleet of machines and attachments through the use of technology. Using artificial intelligence, cultivation information and geolocation, the application makes best practices recommendations and calculates the time and cost for the farm operation, helping growers in real-time in their day-to-day decision making. Thus, AgriConnected makes planning and use of machinery more efficient, leading to a considerable reduction in operating costs and improvement in the quality of the final product. By improving growers operation and productivity, we help to develop the countryside economy, bringing job to smalls communities and improving their infrastructures.

The solution consists of a ready-to-use device installed in the machine and a platform for managing the activities in the field and monitoring of the fleet.

The AgriConnected platform relies on artificial intelligence and algorithms designed to manage all operations in the field: soil, planting, treatment and harvesting. The platform is prepared for all types of machines, for the combination of machine and attachment and different types of crops.

The platform has a module where it is possible to have a view of the entire fleet of the farm. Allow easy location of any machine and view of basic operation data such as speed and path.

The registration of the farm’s land plots of is done easily and quickly. Each field can be created manually or simply imported through a file.Our application also allows the Registry of Operators, Machines and Attachments, including the main useful information for the day to day.

The record of a farm operation takes less than 1 minute. It is only necessary to identify the operation, select the field, operator, machine, attachment and shift hours. From this the planning is generated and the platform can start the operation automatically.

After registration of the operation the farm manager has all the data to carry out its cost and time planning, besides the recommendation of speed and estimation of fuel consumption. With this information it will be possible to plan more efficiently all activities in the field. The platform is smart enough to know when the operation kicked off and ensure cost, timeframe and best practices are met. Any variation in the quality of the service, the time spent or the cost incurred will be alerted to the owner and the administrator of the farm by message, informing about the action to be taken.

The gains below were verified after 1 month of use of the AgriConnected platform:

  • Reduced fuel consumption ranged from 6% to 30% depending on the machine
  • 24% to 60% reduction in maintenance cost depending on machine.



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