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About Solution

In Uganda, we have a very big problem of food insecurity in almost all the part of the country. However, the problem differ from region to region from limited access to food available to making loses to small farmers in the agricultural sector.  it is against this background to come up with a solution called AgricSolar Farm.

AgricSolar Farm is a simple technology intended to be used by farmers in areas where electricity is not accessible. AgricSolar uses the sunlight to keep the food from going bad and stay longer.

How it works

We use the locally available materials to setup a table on which the farm harvest for example pine apples are placed onto in the compound.

On top, a tent shaped frame covering is placed on top covered with simple special polymer bag to control sunlight inside. The harvested products from the farm for example pine apples placed inside lose water through the process of transpiration and dry up.  Keep Dry Stay Long (KDSL).

I believe the AgricSolar farm is effective because it keeps food dry, that is to say, dried pine apples for example stay longer.

Dried food stays longer and a farmer are able sell anytime market is ready hence eliminating the middle men who buy the farm products cheaply from the farmers during the times of mass harvest.



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