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ADI is a platform that promotes agricultural growth and development through investment in structures and institutions that promotes agriculture. ADI has the following objectives

* Use agriculture to alleviate poverty and hunger

* Use agriculture to contribute positively to the Nigerian economy

* Use agriculture to reduce the Nigerian unemployment rate

* Implementation of organic agriculture nationwide and all other eco-friendly agricultural methods.

* Help farmers reduce cost of farming and increase farm yield

ADI hopes to achieve all these through three focal point viz:

* Empowering of Farmers

* Youth Empowerment

* Food Security

Empowering of Farmers

Generally, a farmer's aim is to reduce cost of farming, increase farm yield, and maximize profit. This, however, is almost impossible accomplish most especially for rural farmers in Nigeria. This is due to the following problems although not exclusive to them:

High cost of farm tools, equipments and so on.

Lack of technical know-how amongst Nigerian farmers since most are illiterate.

Poor access to the market

Poor storage facility

ADI believes these problems can be solved through a 'two-way' method that will prove efficient and cheap for farmers. This 'two-way' method involves ADI acting as two different parties in the economic chain to the farmers, hence the name 'two-way' method. ADI will act both as an agricultural and veterinary consultancy firm and as a channel distributor for their farm products. ADI hopes to help these farmers improve their farm experience by offering them consultancy services at an affordable rate. ADI's act as a distributor for their farm products will also involve ADI processing them into consumer-acceptable forms.

Youth Empowernent

The unemployment rate of Nigeria is at all time high and this is an increasingly growing problem for the country. The majority of the unemployed in Nigeria are youths. ADI believes that it is important to use agriculture to reduce the unemployment ratio and involve youths in meaningful jobs that will create wealth and jobs.

ADI plans to tackle these problems by training youths in simple farming methods and techniques that will give them the power to become self-employed and further create wealth and jobs. ADI will also train youths to be marketers for both of its consulting firm and its distribution firm.

Food Security

Food security is a major concern around the world. This is even a bigger problem in Nigeria, where hygienic and sanity protocols are seldom followed. ADI wants to bridge a gap here by championing distribution of foods and farm produce that are subject to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). ADI will also organize seminars for food processing workers and farmers.

What ADI Has Achieved

So far, ADI has organized a few seminars for food processing workers mostly butchers. ADI has also reached out to farmers and have done as much as it could to help these farmers by providing efficient service. ADI is quite proud of what it has achieved thus far, but believes there is a lot more to do before it can adequately and positively affect the environment. ADI believes with proper funding to laugh its project, it can positively impact on the society.



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