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I am enthusiastic about Agriculture because it plays a crucial role in the life of an economy. It is the backbone of our economic system. Agriculture is definitely one of the most significant activities of my country as it not only feeds millions of people, but also contributes towards the overall growth of the GDP.

Since agriculture already has a great influence on the economic development of my country, special efforts should be devoted towards its improvement.

Following the recent clashes between the farmers and herdsmen in my country, it has stagnated agricultural activities in some rural areas in the northern Nigerian region, which will lead to poor agricultural output and will also cause scarcity of some products already farmers in my country are not able to optimize the capacity of their field (farm) which most times lead to poor agricultural output.

Agricultural Digitalization

I plan to sensitize Farmers in the use of Precision Agriculture to optimize input such as water and fertilizer to enhance productivity quality and yield.

To achieve precision agriculture : Apps, smart sensors, drones and satellite are going to be used.

Basically precision agricultural aims to:

  • Boost yield & net profit by optimizing fertilizer, seed and chemical placement.
  • Also Precision agriculture will be used to help minimize pest and diseases, through specie targeted application of precise amounts of pesticides, helping the farmers deal with part of their field in an appropriate way a different way a precise way.

Precision Agriculture is a Robust and reliable platform with no hidden cost, I also plan to aid medium and small scale farmers without knowledge or know how of precision agriculture by using an Easy-to-operate economic sensor to measure soil humidity, salinity and nutrient content, creating of portable networks to transmit the data collected by the field sensors to a central location, as well as economic ways to connect to the internet, cloud data uplink, remote sensing by the use of satellite imagery to assess the health status of the plant in an economic way and without requiring that producers know how to operate a device or interpret complex data.

I and my team plan to create a new sharing economy by creating opportunities for farmers to just pay for the services they need whenever they need them

Services provided are:

  • Drones services
  • Remote sensing
  • Data analytics
  • Forecasting

One must know that for this project to succeed especially in the rural areas where there is little to no power, there must be some form of sustainable energy.

And my plan to address this issue is by making use of renewable forms of energy like solar panels, wind turbines and anaerobic digesters: having them installed on farm lands or in a central location where not only famers but also the community e.g. schools, clinics, local businesses and also storage facilities can have access to the safe and environmental friendly energy source.

When agricultural production is carried out satisfactorily, it leads to the restoration of peace, joy, health, wealth and prosperity for my people and driving away negative feelings of discord, distrust and anarchy. It also enables communities of different class to come together and form a unified society thus leading to the creation of better social, political, cultural and economical life.

I belief that the solution to my countries sociopolitical and Economical challenges lies in agriculture.



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