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AgriFriend is improving the farmer’s professional skills through a unique model we have created, called ‘From Zero To Hero’.

Through our website and app, the ‘Zero To Hero’ model makes the learning process the most productive and effective through the use of different technologies and methods, such as 2D & 3D animation videos, weekly personal work plans, and a lot more.

The process is both personal and all-inclusive, from soil preparation up to post-harvest.

All of that in the press of a button.

With AgriFriend, each user can increase his productivity yield by more than 300%, and up to 800%.

AgriFriend has six principles:

  • Building a process with the users for the long run
    We are guiding them step-by-step, and they can reach us easily in the click of a button.
  • Psychological tools
    In AgriFriend, we understand the social and cultural challenges of our end users. Therefore, we built customized psychological tools to enhance the motivation and productivity of each user.
  • 'Easy to understand and simple to do'.This is our motto, and we make sure all the contents are following this rule.
  • We are scalable for different countries and languages.
  • High impact right from the start
    Each step they are accomplishing will get them closer to their full potential.
  • Personal and all-inclusive process.



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