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One of the leading causes of hunger in the world today is food waste. Globally,about1.3 trillion kilograms of food is wasted around the world every year; in Africa, almost 50 percent of the food produced is wasted. According to theFood and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the amount of food wasted on the continent is enough to feed 300 million people. The statistics of food production compared to hunger suggests that Africa actually produces more than enough to feed itself. Our solution,Agriple, is being developed to significantly cut food waste on the African continent starting from Nigeria. If this goal is met, the standard of living will improve, and there will be less hungry people on the planet.Since the bulk of food wasted in Africa is from post-harvest loss, we are developing Agriple to provide efficient sales and delivery farm produce.

Agriple is an online platform that directly connects farmers to buyers and consumers, ensuring farmers make more money from sales, and buyers/consumers get fresher farm produce at a cheaper rate.Agriple allows farmers registered on the platform to be able to list their produce for sale for up to a month before harvest, making sure buyers are acquired even before harvest, and produce delivered immediately they are harvested. This reduced farm to fork time, and gives no room for post-harvest loss.

Agriple eliminates middle men between farmers and buyers, meaning that farm produce becomes cheaper for the consumer. Agriple also helps the farmer increase productivity since he does not waste his time looking for buyers for his produce, but concentrates on producing crops and breeding animals while we handle the business of selling his produce.

All these activities ensure that more food is produced, less food is wasted, and more hungry people are fed. This is what keeps us awake at night, the reason we are developing Agriple.



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