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The problem our service solves is one which I have a personal connection with. After University education, National Service took me to Northern Nigeria, to a small farming community where I had to live and work for a year, so I saw first hand the problems the small-holder farmers now turned friends faced after harvest. They were mostly confined to local markets around them, and even at that some of the farmers had to watch their produce rot away before their eyes because they could not find buyers early enough
wasting not just the food, but the resources that was put into producing it. Food waste and Post-harvest loss is a serious problem in Nigeria and Africa
about 60% of all food produced on the continent is lost to food waste, enough food to feed 300 million hungry people in the continent.
To tackle this problem, we built a web application that now allows that farmer in Northern Nigeria to upload pictures and prices of their farm produce and be able to sell directly to a buyer anywhere in the country without even having to leave their farm, breaking down barriers placed on them by physical locations. Since launch two months months ago we have been able to sign up over 400 individual farmers, helping them sell about 5,000kg of farm produce. This is clear proof that there is a need for our product.



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