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A crowdfunding and E-Commerce platform powered by an Android App that helps farmers, fishing communities, agricultural processors and ranchers raise money in the form of an interest-bearing loan and to access the market for the sale of their products in order to avoid food waste and increase their productivity.

Our solution is also easily accessible in rural areas without an internet connexion as we are discussing with télecom companies to set up a USSD system to make our services accessible from any kind of mobile phone.

AgriZoom has an embedded WEB Media that promotes agribusiness to attract young people to this very promising sector while helping them succeed by selling their products on our platform so that they focus solely on producing and enhancing the quality of their product.

  • The idea that won the international but symbolyc PRIZE ($500) of the The best idea to End Hunger and Poverty in the world by the international food policy research institute ( in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization in November 2018.


In 2017 my country imported one billion dollar of food while there are farmers and fishermen in countryside with productions but no access to the market. As a Zero-Hunger and No-Poverty advocate, i believe that my country and neighboring developing countries economic inclusion rely on their abilities to foster agricultural sector as it's mainly occupied by rural populations who are the most vulnerables.

AgriZoom solve the following problems :

  • The difficulty of finding customers to sell agricultural productions before or after harvesting, leading to food waste;
  • the difficulties and harassment of accessing financing from banks by 90% of farmers with 72% of them from rural areas;
  • The difficulty that agricultural products processors and ranche face to access the market;
  • The food waste by collectivitivities of fishermen from rural areas whom in lack of customers are obliged to use the fishes for family meals;
  • Difficulties for wholesalers to know where the production is at any period of the year and how to buy and get delivered;
  • The exorbitant costs of monthly fees to keep money in a bank account;
  • The difficulties of African countries cross border agricultural trade


  • The possibility to Invest in an agricultural field, a processor’s business or in a fishing collectivity with less that 10 dollars;
  • The possibility to purchase vegetables and other agricultural products in detail;
  • The possibility to purchase freshwater fish from your smartphone;
  • The possibility to sell processed products;
  • The possibility to sell agricultural products via our E-Commerce;
  • The possibility to sell agricultural production before harvesting;
  • The possibility to sell fishes ;
  • purchases delivery at home;
  • An access to agriculture NEWS and inspiring video stories of successful agriculture entrepreneurs


  • The Users goes on Google-PlayStore or our website( ), installs the Application.
  • The User has an access to : Ecommerce products, Crowdfunding projects and News articles
  • The User has to sign up with Phone Number authentication before placing an order in the ECommerce area or investing in Crowdfunding area.
  • The User has a profile where he has na eye to his investments
  • The USSD usage is limited to Ecommerce (Buying/Selling)


  • Apart from the financing, AgriZoom makes sure to sell the farmer's production so that he focuses solely on producing.
  • As for those who finance the projects, they receive an annual profit of nearly 10% to 25% per year, a valid reason to get their money out of banks that do not generate more than 6%.
  • With our E-Commerce space on one side there are wholesalers who will not pay any more for transport and travel one village after another for kilometers in search of the availability of productions. we collaborate with Transporters to make all this possible.
  • It's now easier to find good quality of processed products from home instead of walking to the supermarket.
  • our marketing strategy consists of promoting products in households and companies periodically and on social medias while supermarkets wait for customers

BUSINESS MODEL ( How do we make money ?)

  • We make money on every product we sell on the Ecommerce area, 10% of product price. We take 5% of crowdfunded money and take 10% of the crops incomes during the contract with the farmer apart from the percentage of investors. this makes of AgriZomm a sustainable project.
  • We take 4% of the deal after successfully connecting a farmer, a buyer and a transporter.
  • $10 to $25 in advertisingfor Organizations and Companies on our News-Feed.



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