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The company “TECHALDO” RMA believes that it is already the time to take urgent measures to prevent mass migration of rural residents to the cities. This raises concerns, not only in terms of growth of mass infectious diseases. The scarcity of rural labor force will surely affect the provision of the world’s urban population with horticultural products and can create nutrition problems for millions of townspeople!

Due to the inevitable shortage of food products of plant origin, they will rise in price several times and will be inaccessible to the middle strata of the population. And, as known, the lack of vitamins in the body entails a lot of problems with health and full development of the younger generation, etc.

And yet, if according to the UN’s forecast, up to 70% of the world's population will live in cities, then there remains the ONLY way out
to grow plant products in metropolitan cities, where the daily demand for vegetables and berries reaches hundreds of tons.

In view of the above, our company has developed an innovative project that is associated with cultivation of pollutant-free products in vertical farms. Today urban vertical farms with artificial lighting are gaining more and more popularity. In many countries of the world, high-quality salad products are successfully grown. For the first time ever our company offers cultivation of vegetable and berry products, the FUTURE lies with that!

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