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Agro Supply was founded by Ogwal Joseph and later joined by Brandon chase in 2017 to improve the agricultural value chain in Uganda by solving two critical problems rural-based smallholder farmers faced namely, access to market and access to finance, be it formal or informal. The lack of an access to a structured market results in smallholder farmers being forced to sell to middlemen who buy at ridiculously exploitative prices. The lack of access to finance also means farmers are never able to move from being smallholders to middle level or even commercial farmers.

And in every communities in Uganda and Africamany microfinance institutions are reaching rural farming communities, most are focused largely on the provision of loans. But are loans always the best answer? The current system assumes that smallholder farmers are too poor to save. In fact, farmers would like to save, but live so far from banks that their savings payments would be dwarfed by the transport costs and bank fees.

BUT At Agro Supply we think that to solve the problem of lack of financessmallholder farmers can financesthemselves, So we developed the first mobile layaway system in East Africa that help smallholder farmers save little by little to buy seeds and fertilizer using their phones, we also created various input centers across different communities in Uganda to help us reached even those at the bottom of the pyramids with our services so that we can get them out of poverty, with our localpresences we are now not only providing platform to help smallholder farmers finances themselves, but offering smallholder farmers ready market for their produce at their farm gate bypassing the middle men.



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