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Today’s Latin-American's countries agriculture activity is facing a lot of challenges to supply food to a huge demand from people and industry, while having to deal with the lack of agri-supplements. Why?
In the past, farmers poured large amounts of agri-supplements into the fields because of their high availability and cheap prices. Now they are too much expensive and farmers are forced to be efficient, produce more, be sustainable and taking care of the environment. 
Small land farmers in major part of the Latin America are low efficient, they do not have proper tools to run their business effectively and they do not have extra capital to invest in tech solutions. There are about 50,000,000 small farms in our region (by FAO) and they are struggling with:

  • They need to detect any crop affectation before they become a problem
  • They need to Improve agro-supplies usage, switch into organic, save cost and be environmental sustainable
  • They need to increase crop yields

Precision agriculture seeks to be efficient in terms of supplies (fertilizers, herbicides, etc.) and protect the environment, but this requires large investments in sensors and specialized devices that the common farmer can not afford.

  • Our platform is an alternative really valuable for small and mid-size farmers can’t access to any expensive technology. In addition, we'll provide remediation actions against pests using bio controllers

  • AgroCognitive is a smart precision farming platform for every farmer and food industry size. Powered by an artificial intelligence engine to do a crop visual recognition and detect any affectation, and proprietary analytics models to give an optimized next best action to reduce CO2 emissions and predict crop yields
  • AgroCognitive make food production sustainable again, it means we deliver a triple impact:
    • Economic: Helping to increase farmer's revenue
    • Social: Improving health conditions (avoiding soil and rivers contamination)
    • Environmental: Teaching how to switch to organic production



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