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virtually all the input that characterizes increased production are weather sensitive and most are also weather information developing countries most farmer have to accept low yield as they are unable to consider the use of improved production method because they operate at small scale subsistence level. yield gap analysis will draw farmer attention to the lost production potential under the prevailing climate condition in their respective environment and production practice.

in many poorer countries ,agrometerological observation remain grossly inadequate and are still a major concern as well as a limiting factor for operation purpose.agricultural meteorological information plays a crucial role in the decision making for sustainable agriculture and national disaster reduction with view to preserve national resources and improving of life.the most efficient utilization of weather  and climatic data for the unique soil on a farm unit will help conserve national resources while at the same time promoting economic benefit to the farmer.

by assessing the agricultural potential of climate in the territory the farmer and some of the local farm area for each crop, based on general indices, heat and water supply,radiation regime,unfavorable agroclimate phenomena and soil fertility and the use of quantitative,geospatial data obtained from farmland and it effective transformation into qualitative information understandable by farmer will be a unique solution to challenge faces by farmer.

providing meteorological information for the benefit of agriculture operation(observation and processing data)and issue forecast,warning and advisories of weather condition affecting agricultural production within the area and carried out the customized services for specialty agriculture in addition to the common agro meteorological services according to the requirement of the farmer.the availability of adequate and quantitative agro meteorological data is an an absolute prerequisites for analyzing ,researching and managing production process in agriculture

current weather information for example forecast will be provided routinely to the decision maker and farmer can develop and evaluate their decision process for direct effects of weather but must rely on our expertise for decision support regarding effect of weather

a mechanism will be develop to integrate weather forecast,climate and agro meteroloigical information to prepare agro advisories service which will contribute significantly to enhance farmer productivity and trying to solve the food security in the locality

the harvesting and storage of crop is strongly influence by weather condition at the time of harvest and through to post harvest period, by offering better preparedness strategies based on environmental avoidance or mitigation through improved understanding of the process and phenomena involved,however preparedness strategies with agromeological component will be drastically improved particularly for small scale farmers in general and marginal and poor farmer in particular



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