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Agrosoko addresses the challenge of small, middle and large scale farmers being at a huge disadvantage because of isolation, farmers are at the mercy of limited and extended sales channel which tend to let them have the worst end of the chain set t benefit from the harvested crops. Farmers tend to receive unsustainable income for their households, unreliable market access, lack of transparency and a lot of price pressure along the value chain.

Imagine if small holder, middle scale and large scale farmers were able to acquire combined cross border or local supply contracts, market their produce to ready business buyers at fair price using technology, have generated traceability and a backed up reported track record through their transactions with minimal effort. We’ll actually be able to deliver this as soon as we roll out the Agrosoko marketing system

Once this is possible, the addressable market for farmers in Tanzania and other African countries suddenly opens up from just a few known buyers and middlemen to include a network of larger off take buyers locally and internationally. Agrosoko is utilizing mobile and online technology to bridge the gap between the farmers and large offtake/ business buyers looking to source their harvested and stored grains



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