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Oliks farms is an impact driven Agribusiness food value addition company that leverages on agricultural technology platform -AGROTRUST to create an inclusive agribusiness ecosystem that  is helping to solve most of the major challenges of African smallholders farmers who comprises over 80% of our agricultural development : how can we sustainably empower them for more productivity and profitability? Our goal is to disrupt agribusiness in Africa to attaining food security and economic growth through job creation and empowerment by providing the smallholder farmers with farm inputs, finance, data driven advisory and premium markets for their produce. With our platform "AGROTRUST" we advocate and engage digital participation in agriculture by providing scaleable short cycle and high yielding investment opportunities that guarantees profitable returns for the investors while delivering real impact to the farmer and value to us by feeding our processing plants and market. To ensure sustainabilty of our business model , we collaborate with reliable partners in service delivery and our product trades under the brand name "OLIKS FOODS" in the business of farming, trading, processing and distribution of Meat and Poultry products, livestock and diary and whole food in the food and nutrition industry with a market niche of HORECA's.

Our social impact is to drive support and investment into the smallholders farmers, unemployed youths and rural women to empower them with sustainable livelihood through agribusiness engagements and capacity building to achieve SDG #1,2 and 8;we believe in a sustainable one world
food sufficient and secured without poverty and hunger.



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