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Our solution is to bring cassava farmers in Cameroon and Nigeria into groups and clusters, in a cooperative and help them boost production and processing, while giving them much needed farm inputs on loans which will refunded after sales. We will provide 100 mobile solar cassava processing units which will reach over 1.5 million farmers in some 500 remote localities. We will also launch our 'Njangi Finance' a micro-credit scheme which will serve 5 million small scale farmers with micro-credit to give them impetus to produce, process, sell and repay their loans. The Njangi finance system will also be launched online to reach a wider audience of farmers who need credit. There will be a 2% interest rate on this micro-credit and the system will also be built to determine the credit worthiness of farmers and link the large plantation farmers to larger banks to ease them get macro-loans. We will launch our Agro-Mart(Agricultural supermarket) in 5 cities which will help provide city dwellers with access to fresh produce from their farmers and at the same time provide them with access to fresh foods. This market system will also be launched online and an app which will ease distribution. It will create jobs for local transporters who will subscribe online and will be paid per delivery to the customers who hardly have time to go grocery shopping. We will also use our SMS Deck technology to connect with a wider range of farmers and link them up to customers. This project will also group farmers and link them up directly to inputs companies especially fertilizer and seeds companies who will supply to them and get paid through their Njangi Finance credit system that will help pre-finance them. We will also introduce hybrid varieties of cassava to farmers to boost their out put. This is going to be done through strong partnership that will be created with research institutions and universities like IITA, University of Buea. We will also strive to certify locally processed farmers produce so they could be sold in their local supermarkets instead of importing them.



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