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Agryo provide risk intelligence as a service in operations with partners and using the same data engine integrated with the blockchain application to bring the financial service for those farmers 500M farming families around the worldwhich rely one agriculture and have no (or very few) access to any financial services (in World Bank and IFC numbers this families are demanding extra 2T USD in services by year).
To do it we develop a proprietary data engine which analyse more than 520 different variables (such as satellite data, weather forecast and deforestation maps), since the year 2000 up to today, to provide risk assessment and credit score for any crop field of any place of the globe, estimating the potential income for each crop in that place. Using this information over the blockchain to generate all the financial services so needed.

We have an automated onboard approach for farmers subscribe, evaluate their land (by submitting the plot location), generate their credit profiles and risk assessment, and with all the information we can analyze the crop field in terms of environmental side (if there aren't deforestation problems, if is no water land and so on), the agricultural side (if the area is really a crop field, no urban area, if the weather risk is low, if it have been cultivated and so on) and the financial side (if the capabilities of that land is enough to support the agriculture and at which level of investment). All this analysis compose the credit score and risk assessment of the plot and all plots of one farmer compose their profile.

Overtime to the lending, insurance and green bond, we will add the price protection mechanisms (like hedge and futures contracts), sales contracts of crop production for farmers with partners, and banking services like savings account, retirement account and payments. So farmers can have the much need capital to hrive



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