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The impact of natural catastrophe losses and the market response is measured by the ever-expanding gap between uninsured and insured losses. In response to filling the gap, the world agricultural insurance premiums have developed into a $30 Billion market from $17 Billion market in 2006 primarily driven by growth in China, India market. Product focus in insurance companies has largely been around historical losses, perils, crop type, losses mix (PUSH strategy) and ability to engage producers in a transparent is seen as a gap.

Intervention in the form of Consumer (farmer) centricplatforms

We are entering into the new era on innovations driven by newly available 'information infrastructure' and 'high performance computing'. Platforms powered by data and technologies allow financial professionals to deliver products at scale. The proposed ‘Agricultural Insurance’ solution heavily uses the high performance infrastructure by Agvesto to deliver the insurance product.

Pricing Transparency

We will be making the pricing/quote transparent to the producers through our dashboards. We believe by allowing producers to participate in the process, the outcomes will be better for both Protection Buyers (Ag) and Sellers (Insurance).

Ethical/Transparency considerations for financial products

Despite the anticipated positive impact, these platforms require to demonstrate the need to deliver products in a transparent manner to the customers with ethical principles at its core. Without these principles, the platforms will not achieve the impact as consumers value transparency, ability to engage and have an ethical provider.

Who is Agvesto?

We are a next generation platform for agricultural insurance and bond markets.We are company based in London, backed by European Commission's EIT Climate KIC to develop the products and advised by several industrial leading experts.

Our business overview can be found here.

Agvesto product-Insurance Platform Overview

The platform consists of the following components

  • Data Protection and Privacy consent service (compliant with GDPR)

  • User onboarding to accept Insurance applications from Farmers/Farm Businesses forRevenue protection

  • Know your customer service to verify and authenticate the applicant and applicationinformation.

  • Request for quote service

  • Contract and account Initiation service

  • Account management dashboard for farmers with Transparent monitoring

  • Claims processing service

    The platform has a multi region capabilities and scalable enabling it to transfer across to the market from Infrastructure point of view. The application and analytics would require customisation to the local markets for the crop insurance products in onboarding forms, the contracts reflecting the Government run programs or private sector insurance companies legal and regulatory positions.

Which markets we are serving?

We are primarily focussing on emerging markets where the vulnerability curve is high and need for infrastructure investments and protection in the form of insurance is very high both from Urban and Rural infrastructure point of view. This includes Asia, Africa, LATAM, Parts of Eastern Europe.

By enabling platform with two products

  • Green Bond and Climate Bond
  • Insurance

We will be looking to bridge the capital markets and insurance to converge to provide much needed capacity to improve agricultural sector. Bonds will allow public sector to serve their citizens well using sustainable themes.

Who we work with?

Bond market

  • Issuers (State and Central Governments, Municipalities, )
  • Investors (Pension Funds, HNW, Fund managers)


  • Producer groups/farmer co-op (distribution, end users)
  • Insurance companies and Reinsurance companies

How we deliver value?

We directly allow platform to be used by farmers to get insurance protection. In emerging market, the lack of protection results in Millions of farmers at the mercy of weather volatility during the season.

By bringing the direct farmer facing product and bringing the Insurance and Bond markets, we will be looking to create an ecosystem through financial instruments to bring access to capital to the rural areas.

We work with Insurance companies to co-develop new products such as parametric products to protect countries against extreme events.



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